What is White Hat SEO


Hello, it’s Trent here. Welcome to another episode of Five Minute SEO. And today we are talking about white hat SEO. And in fact, the next three episodes are going to be broken up into the different types of SEO. So generally you have white hat, grey hat, and black hat. So what is white hat SEO. So the term white hat SEO basically refers to SEO tactics that are in line with the terms and conditions of most major search engines. Obviously, Google and Bing are pretty much the major search engines we’re talking about here. So basically, it means that you’re playing by the search engines rules. So I’m going to give you four white hat SEO techniques that basically it should be the benchmark for any SEO that you do on your website. Or if you hire an SEO consultant, like myself or an agency, they should be doing these things for you on your website to help it rank higher in Google. So the first is offering quality content. So when I say quality content, it’s not just blog posts, it’s just content in general, it can be video, it can be podcasts, it can be infographics, it can be any type of quality content that actually solves the problem of your consumer. So let’s say for example, you ran an Instagram marketing company, a piece of quality content might be a post on how you can sign up for an Instagram account, and get your instagram instagram story account verified fast, let’s just say without a mobile number. So this type of topic will actually help your end consumer, maybe pushing down a funnel, so using your services as an Instagram marketer. The next one, we dive into a bit more technical stuff. So for example, having fast loading times and mobile friendliness. So this is basically ensuring that your website loads pretty fast, the benchmark should be around under two seconds, three seconds, okay, two seconds is good. One and a half seconds is great. And if you can get it loading fast like this, Google’s gonna love it. The other thing is mobile friendliness. We live in a world where mobile was first now. So you know yourself that probably 90% of the time if you’re doing a search for something, most likely you’re searching for it from your mobile phone. So if your website is not responsive, so most websites probably pre 2015 14. If you haven’t updated your website since then it’s probably not mobile responsive. And this will harm your rankings. Because Google want to make sure that people that are on mobile phones that come to your website have a good experience, the text is big enough, the pictures actually scaled down to the size of the screen on the person’s mobile phone. And it just basically looks good doesn’t look crap. So the next one is using descriptive keyword rich meta tags. So what that essentially means is your title tag and your meta description, have your keyword phrase in it somewhere. So we’re talking, you know, once in a title tag once in a meter description, not keyword stuffing the absolute crap out of it. Because Google don’t like that it looks spammy. And chances are your click through rate isn’t going to be very good because the person doing the search or reading your title tag and meta description will see that it’s spammy. So it needs to be as natural as possible, whilst including your keywords in there. The next one is making your site easy to navigate. So this basically refers to your menus, make sure you have things properly categorized in your blog posts. Make sure if you run a service based industry that your services are categorized under a service tag, things like that, where the end consumer coming to your website can easily find your page about how to cook the best hot chips on the planet or whatever it is that you’re doing whatever service it is that you’re offering. Your website needs to be easy to navigate, don’t tuck things away and hide them because one, Google won’t find out when it scrapes website, and the end consumer just simply won’t find it. And that’s not good for you. Anyway, that’s basically the white hat SEO summed up into four easy little things. I’ll see you next time. Bye.

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