What Should Be Your Key Metric In SEO


What’s going on, everyone? Today, you are listening to a five minute SEO with me, Trent. So this is the first podcast in this series, and I’m hoping to give you a little bit of insight into the world of SEO, and this isn’t just for businesses, this is also for people that may even be looking to work within this space. So if you’re just getting started, it’s worth listening to as well, so today’s topic is probably one of the most important ones that businesses should be focusing on, and we’re talking about what you’re expecting gained from SEO or search engine optimization, we’re looking at metrics and what metric you should be focusing on, and I’m gonna say straight away, ranking on page one is not the metric you should be focusing on, this is something I see from lots and lots and lots of businesses coming to me asking for advice. And one of the first things I say is, Hey, if I use your services or if I use this service, whatever, how long is it gonna take me to get on to page one? Or in the first position, this is an extremely poor metric, so to give you an example, I can rank you on page one for a low competitive term, probably within six weeks. Now, the reason why these terms are low competitive or have a lot of competition, it’s because no one is actually searching for them, so this leads to no traffic based on that search phrase or that keyword. So if someone was to look up, let’s just say, the best wedding venue in Wollongong need The Water, chances are that that doesn’t have a lot of searches being done by the end consumer, whereas if someone’s just searching for weddings, knew the water chances out that has thousands so that should be the key way that you’re focusing on. So lots of, for lack of a better term, dog, SEO companies will tell you that they’re gonna do keyword research and that they’re gonna provide you say 10k words, 20K words, and we’re gonna get you on to page one for these keywords. One thing they generally leave out when they provide you these keywords is the amount of traffic that these keywords gain, and that’s something as a business you should be asking for, and you can quite easily check this metric by spending a little bit of money, and actually checking these keywords in a program or software is software online, it’s called the same rush, you can use hydrosol, use KU, find, there’s tons that you can use, but you can check these for the sake of spending, say, 100. You can actually save the sands and thousands of dollars down the track were not getting sucked into these kind of sleazy salesman tactics that unfortunately, this space has quite a lot of them. So what should be your cemetery… Your key metric should be return on investment, and that is one of the key metrics that I personally use, and I also look at a metric of traffic. So really the more traffic you get should lead to more conversions, which should increase your return on investment. So this is why I always ask for access to your Google Analytics prior to even doing work for you, because I wanna see how much traffic you’re getting… If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your website, you need to do this now. It’s actually not very hard to do. You really don’t need to pay anyone to do it, Google outlines this very easily, and most platforms where it be WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, whatever you’re using, they all have very easy plug ins or apps or whatever you wanna call them these days, to just a Google Analytics. It literally takes you about five minutes, you should not be paying for it, you’re just gonna get rid of… So that’s it. That’s the first five minute SEO. Your metric should be your return on investment in traffic, your metric should not be, get me to page one, give me to the top position, because I guarantee you, you have a look at those top positions and depending on your industry, quite often, they’re very spammy pages, read through on the keyword stuff, even though Google says that doesn’t work anymore, that’s a little bit of rubbish, and you can see how most of the paragraphs and the text doesn’t make a lot of sense because they are just trying way too hard to get that keyword in there and a sand. Not very natural. So yeah.

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