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Hello, it’s Trent here. This is five minute SEO, and you’re stuck with me for another five minutes. And today, the topic is Seo agencies verse, an SEO consultant. And guess which one I am, I’m a consultant. So the general pattern is that you kind of start maybe an SEO agency, and then you become experienced. And then when you’ve had quite a lot of experience in the industry, then you can probably start calling yourself a consultant. For myself, I’ve had 15 years in the industry. So I think I’m ready to call myself a consultant. So to sum it up, really an SEO agency, although you have an account manager, you will generally deal with one person who will deal with about anywhere from five to 10 people, the bigger the agency, obviously, the more people they’ll have sometimes 30 to 50 people, and you are generally a disposable asset. For that agency. The churn and burn rate through agencies is actually quite high, a lot of people don’t know this agencies quite often will offer the world and they don’t generally deliver. Now, this isn’t true about all agencies, probably about 10% of them will do what they say they are going to do. Most however, kinda like a used car salesman, they’ll promise you the world, but they’ll under deliver on their promise. And generally, they’ll dangle a carrot in front of you, and tell you just another month he or just another month, and we’re gonna get you to the first page of Google. And, in fact, we talk about that first page ranking being probably the crappiest metric you can rely on for your return on investment in SEO. So a consultant generally has a lot of experience, versus an agency who most of the time you’re dealing with someone that maybe has worked in the industry for a couple of years, and they just landing their feet in SEO. And most of the time, because they’re the new guy, they get given the most work to do. And this is pretty common in most industries. The probationer basically has to prove himself by doing all this work. However, in a search engine optimization industry, for a business like yours, genuinely, that leads to harmful practices, because they want to make a KPI set by the agency. And they may start doing things that aren’t very kosher with Google. Now, the advantage of using a consultant is one they’ve got the experience to the cost is generally might surprise you is actually a little bit cheaper than an agency, the consultant pays himself. And he may pay some content developers that he has on a contract. Whereas the agency has to pay not only themselves as say, the manager or the boss of the company, they also got to pay all their employees. So generally, the more employees I have, the higher the rate will be to use that company. But that does definitely definitely not reflect on the quality of work that you’re going to get. So just as an example, for me, as a consultant, I will cap my work. So I will not take on any more than about 10 businesses at a time. And I know that if I take on 10 businesses at a time, I can give them my full attention. And I’m not going to skip any areas that may be that are imperative to the SEO framework or fundamentals can I say? So genuinely, you’ll find a lot more of a personal experience dealing with a consultant. And I would suggest that if you take your SEO seriously for your business, you deal with a consultant, the whole idea as well as that we gel with your marketing team. So we will give them actionable advice on what to do on your website to increase your Google rankings. And this actionable advice is tried and tested and comes with many, many years experience and guarantees a relatively large return on investment for your business. Because that should be your focus when doing SEO, your ROI, not your page rankings and we talk about that in the next episode. See ya

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