Hello, my name is Trent and welcome to five minute SEO, I think it’s fitting for our first episode to discuss about myself, who I am where I came from what I did leading up to this role as an SEO consultant. So I started doing SEO work probably about 16 years ago, I left high school in 2003, did a couple of things in in about 2005, I started doing SEO or starting getting interested in SEO, back then Google was still you could still say it was relatively new is about six or seven years old. And the process of ranking a website back then, well, it was a lot easier than today. Those were the days when used to just use the same key word a whole bunch of times in an article. And you would pretty much end up on the first page of Google, you could also spam the absolute crap out of that first page with very, very bad backlinks. And guess what, you’d end up on the first page of Google. And then Google decided to bring in a whole bunch of algorithms make things about 100 times harder. And this is sounding more like a history lesson rather than myself. So my first introduction to SEO was web design. So I did web design for quite a while. And I basically ensure that the websites were SEO compliant at the time. Now thinking back to when I started, WordPress did not even exist. That’s not entirely true, it did exist, but just not quite in the platform it does today. So I used to build websites on a platform called surf. So Sarah was a software platform. So you had an installed on your computer, you built the website within the software, and then you uploaded it to the file area, have your hosting provider and then kind of magic happened. updating it from there was a bit of a pain in the ass, you had to build it back in the software, then you have to update you have to make sure changes were correct. It’s just it was nowhere near as easy as what it is today. So after building a few websites, I started looking into search engine optimization actually had a wasn’t even a company at the time, it was a bike club that came to me from the Sutherland area, if anyone knows the Shire, and they wanted me to get the bike club on the first page of Google. So I started doing some research. And I just got fascinated in the analytical side of SEO, and how there was no real Definitive Guide back then there still isn’t as how to get your rankings up, or better still your return on investment, which is what I talked about later on, in what metrics you should be focusing on for your business. And spoiler, what, it’s not rankings. Anyway, so this club came to me it was pro bono work, I actually wrote for this club. And I got onto the first page of Google within about four weeks. Obviously, with that there was a relatively big explosion in their membership, they started charging a membership. And the rest is history. So from there, fast forward 15 years, it’s been a blur. I’ve worked for multiple businesses big and small. I worked for an agency. And we’ll talk about that later on, I’ll never actually disclose who that was, I quite often don’t disclose who the businesses our work for as well. We do deal with non disclosure agreements, quite often in this industry, especially if you’re serious about SEO, because you really don’t want your competitors knowing who your SEO consultant is. And we’ll discuss the difference between an SEO consultant and using an agency probably in the next couple of episodes. So the idea behind this blog, ultimately, is to provide businesses with some tips, some tricks, some news about the SEO industry at this current time. It’s also a great place for people that are maybe just starting out in SEO to get an idea of what needs to be done to get to where I’m at today. And it’s also a great thing for businesses to know you know, what you should look for in an SEO agency or a consultant because there is a plethora of used car salesmen out there. See ya!

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